Choosing a Lighting and Growing System

On this page, two options for lighting systems and two options for growing systems are explained. Regardless of the systems you choose for your Fast Plants(TM), remember that they need:

  • Continuous fluorescent light (lights turned on 24 hours a day).
  • Continuous supply of water and fertilizer (use a self-watering system and apply fertilizer through the water or in pelleted form added to the soil when the seeds are planted).

Light Box System Light Bank System
Low-cost, good for group experiments and stacking in vertical space Build your own or buy a kit; efficient for many plants in a horizontal space
Wisconsin Fast Plant
Growing System
Bottle Growing System

Commercially available, teacher-friendly system Low-cost, easily constructed from a recycled 2-liter bottle

Download a pdf file with complete, illustrated growing instructions, including how to use another type of Growing System constructed from deli containers

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