Light Bank System

The light bank system is most appropriate for growing large numbers of plants. The light bank uses only 4.5 X 2.5 feet of space, which will accommodate several large classroom experiments. The light bank consists of 6 or more 4-foot fluorescent bulbs side by side. The most common bulb used is a 40-watt Cool White Deluxe™, but other 4-foot bulbs such as a 34-watt or a 40-watt Cool White™ are also acceptable for growing Fast Plants(TM).

Building your own light bank

Assembling a wooden stand (33K PDF file)

Assembling a PVC light stand (33KPDF file)

Assembling a Light Bank (33K PDF file)

As plants grow, the lights and/or plants are adjusted to keep the top of the plants 5-10 cm from the light bulbs.

Appropriate lighting is perhaps the most critical component of a plant's growing environment.

Fast Plants(TM) were bred to do well with the light produced by fluorescent lamps.

Plants grown too far from lights or under weak light will be spindly and tend to fall over easily. Aluminim foil curtains can be used to increase the amount of light reaching the plants, especially those growing on the edges.

Download a pdf file with complete, illustrated growing instructions, including how to use a Growing System constructed from deli containers