Wisconsin Fast Plant Growing System

The growing system components provided by Carolina Biological Supply Company, include everything you need in order to successfully grow Fast Plants(TM), except for the lighting system. Unless otherwise specified, Classroom Kits are designed for use by up to 32 students working in pairs. Planting and growing instructions for the Wisconsin Fast Plants(TM) Kits!" are provided with purchase.


The following materials are included in the growing system:

Fast Plants(TM) seeds, rapid-cycling Brassica rapa (Rbr). Seeds are small and have to be handled with care.

Quads - 4-celled planting units in which you will grow one plant to maturity in each cell.

Potting mix and vermiculite

Diamond wicks - conduct water from water mat to soil in cell of quad.

Water mat - conducts water from reservoir to wicks.

Fertilizer pellets - slow-release source of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Pellets are larger than the seeds.

Plant labels - to record student name, planting date and experiment.

Pipet - to water cells from above when necessary.

Dried honeybees - to make beesticks for pollinating.

Algae-squares (tinged blue) - contain copper sulfate to prevent algae growth in reservoir.

Water reservoir

Wooden stakes and plastic support rings - to support the plants if necessary.

Download a pdf file with complete, illustrated growing instructions, including how to use a Growing System constructed from deli containers