Growth and Development in Plants

Cycle of Life - (28K PDF file)
A growth chart and a table of the life cycle of Fast Plants(TM) helps students understand the fascinating and relevant concept of the cycle of life.

Fast Plants(TM) Life Cycle - (128K PDF file)
Discover the Life Cycle of Fast Plants(TM) with fundamental concepts and questions.

Farming Fast Plants(TM) - (136K PDF file)
How many seeds can you produce in your classroom? This activity will take you through farming a crop of Fast Plants(TM) and investigating the parameters around seed yield.

Farmers Almanac - (20K PDF file)
When farming Fast Plants(TM) trust the Farmers Almanac for a healthy crop. Things you should know about growing Fast Plants(TM)

Growth, Development and Flowering - (200K PDF file)
Where do plants get the energy to grow? What is the role of the environment in regulating plant growth? In this activity, construct your own simple growing system and track the variation of growth and development in your population of Fast Plants(TM).

Farming in Space - (376K PDF file)

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