Growth & Development

Growth and Development follows Wisconsin Fast Plants(TM)邃「 from germination to the seedling stage through to flowering. As plants increase in size (up to 20 cm) and develop into mature plants, individual differences can be observed.
Germination starts with the structure of a seed and goes through the first days of the life of a new plant. Germination is the beginning of growth of a plant from the seed, which contains the embryo. The seed swells, a root and shoot emerge, and cotyledons (first leaves) begin to photosynthesize.

Remember, as your plants continue to grow, keep the water reservoirs filled and adjust the lights to be 5-10 cm from the top leaves.

Thin to one plant per cell if using quads, 6 plants per one liter bottle, or 12 plants per 2-liter bottle. If needed, stake plants right away if they begin to bend.

The plant height, number of leaves, number of hairs on leaf margins, and number of flower buds are all examples of measurable traits that can be observed, recorded, and analyzed as Fast Plants(TM) grow and develop to learn about individual plant development and diversity among individuals in a population.

Download a pdf file with complete, illustrated growing instructions, including how to use a Growing System constructed from deli containers

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