Bees & Brassicas: A Partnership in Survival - (104K PDF file)
Why do bees need brassicas? Explore the relationship between bees and brassicas, and how and why they came to coevolve.

Flowering and Pollination - Pollination Biology - (440K PDF file)
How do plants and flowers mate? How do bees play a part in it? Examine the process of pollination by making your own bee sticks, pollinating your plants and observing the results.

The Hunt for Glucose - (52K PDF file)
How can you prove that a flower really produces nectar? You can find the flower's "treasure' in this activity, using glucose enzymatic test strips, toothpicks, tape and various other materials.

Pollen Germination and Fast Plants(TM) - (36K PDF file)
How long would it take to stimulate pollen from a Fast Plant to germinate in a sucrose-salt solution? Find out in this exercise using materials like sugar, salt, Fast Plant flowers and a compound microscope.

Double Fertilization - (132K PDF file)
What happens after plants pollinate? Explore the process of fertilization by observing the changes in your Fast Plants(TM) after they have been pollinated.

Embryogenesis - Going for the Globular - (176K PDF file)
How does an embryo develop into a seed? Dissect and explore the developmental stages of embryogenesis in Fast Plants(TM) and se for yourself.

Hormone Induced Parthenocarpy - (32K PDF file)
Test three plant hormones / groth regulators for their ability to produce parthenocarpy (induction of seedless fruits) in Fast Plants(TM).

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