Plant Physiology

The Crucifer Cross: Gravitropism Revisited - (36K PDF file)
Set up a film can gravitropism chamber out of a film can, tape, paper towels and a small pipette, and observe the plant's response to gravity.

Gravitropism - (160K PDF file)
How do plants 'know' which way to grow? This activity answers that question and many others relating to it, by constructing a "film can gravitropism chamber" out of film cans, tape, a water bottle and various other materials.

Plants Know the Way to Grow - (84K PDF file)
Why do plants seem to 'know' the way to grow? By constructing a phototropism chamber out of plastic film cans, electrical tape, a paper punch and other various materials, students can explore the many possibilities that arise out of that very question.

Phototropism - How will light bend your seedling? - (112K PDF file)
How much light is needed to bend a seedling? In-groups of four, your students search for the answer to this question by building a phototropism chamber, using such materials as a water bottle, film cans, and aluminum foil.

Phototropism - Do Fast Plants(TM) Prefer the Blues? - (52K PDF file)
How will your germinating seedlings react to red light? To green light? After constructing a phototropism chamber, discover which color wavelength of visible light affects your Fast Plant the most, and why.

Photomorphogenesis - (20K PDF file)
Learn more about how the amount of light impacts the form that your Fast Plant seedling takes by observing seedlings grown under varying levels of light.

Exploring Photosynthesis with Fast Plants(TM) - (88K PDF file)
Investigate the link between the energy plants get from sunlight and the energy we derive from consuming those plants. This hands-on experiment demonstrates the difficult concept of photosynthesis, using, among other things, baking soda and a small straw.

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