Seeds and Germination

How does a seed Germinate - (72K PDF file)
Observe your Fast Plant seed while it germinates and learn more about this exciting process as you record your observations.

Farming Fast Plants(TM) - (136K PDF file)
How many seeds can you produce in your classroom? This activity will take you through farming a crop of Fast Plants(TM) and investigating the parameters around seed yield.

Getting Acquainted with a Seed - (96K PDF file)
Does seed 'know' which way to grow? Become familiar with the anatomy and biology of seeds, using lenses and scales, making drawings to scale, and begin to understand the relationship between the internal and external anatomy of the seed.

Germination - Launching the Seed - (188K PDF file)
How is the germination of a seed like the launching of a space shuttle? Explore what in going on when a seed 'awakens' from its resting state and begins the rest of its life, using soda bottle caps, paper towels, other materials, and of course, Fast Plant seeds.

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