Ecology, Environment, and Interactions Between Abiotic and Biotic Factors

Population Explosion (192K PDF file)
A series of experiments explore the effects of increased population growth on a population of Fast Plants(TM). Through these inquiries, students will better understand the many substantial and pertinent issues surrounding human population explosion on Earth.

Bioassays with Fast Plants(TM) (140K PDF file)
What will happen to your Fast Plant if you subject it to a 10% liquid detergent solution? Find out in this activity on determining the effects of substances in the environment on living organisms.

From Above and Below (65K PDF file)
Using a TerrAqua column, made from plastic soda bottles, find out what effect salt has on Fast Plants(TM).

The Big Idea: "Is More Food Better?" (145 K PDF file)
Because of their ease of growth and short life cycle (seed to seed in 35 days) Fast Plants(TM) are an organism suitable for many kinds of home and classroom scientific investigations. They are particularly interesting because, like humans, they exhibit considerable variation in many observable characteristics. Fast Plants(TM) are useful for experiments investigating the effects of environment (light, nutrition, etc.) on variation in growth, development and reproduction.

This activity addresses the effect of nutrient on growth and reproduction. Specifically you will investigate how much fertilizer (nutrient or plant food) is best for the production of a crop of Fast Plants(TM) seed. This is the same question that farmers ask every time they plant a crop.

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